Under cover

2002, 6'58, video (VHS), color, sound




Author of idea, producer and director: Teymur Daimi


Operator: Teymur Daimi


Actress: Nazilya Gadjiyeva


Sound: Djavanshir Djavadov








The modern man living in a secular technological epoch is rather self-confident and pretty sure that he knows a lot of things about world and nature of himself. By means of newest technology he intends to subdue the cosmos and power of nature. But the truth is that from the very birth up to the very death human being is forced to be into the great enigma of non-conditioned Being, and actually he knows nothing about the most important things connected with deepest spiritual levels of him. As if the great enigma is very near to him but by being under cover remains and keeps itself … Video “Under cover” is the meditative metaphor of the enigma which can never be opened by us…









UNDER COVER from Teymur Daimi on Vimeo.