The last one



2011, 81 min., 16:9, DV, color, sound


Scriptwriter, director, film editor: Teymur Daimi


Director of photography: Teymur Daimi, Farkhad Babayev


Prudaction designer : Samir Gafarov


Co-producer: Ali Isa Jhabbarov


Executive producer: Vidadi Rustamov


Production: Butafilm




Alexander Hakimov, Rena Akhadzada, Basat Gorchu, Jabeer Zeynalov, Nigyar Kocharli, Fariza Babayeva, Tatyana Ivanayeva




The film's genre is an apocalypse story. It deals with a fantastic writer. His book-tragedy "The Last One" about the end of the world gained him fame. But as a result the writer falls into the world created by him in his work and becomes the hero of his own book. He should solve the problems that all creative persons meet with difficulties while managing.








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