2018, 5 min. 11 sec, 16 : 9, b/w, sound




By Teymur Daimi


Performer Salva Eytan





The film is presenting film-essay on the classical theme “Three Graces” which were devoted numerous creations of artwork all the way from antique epoch till nowadays. This theme is connected to manifestation of Ideal - ideal proportions, ideal composition, ideal perception of the world in whole. Being ideal in itself, that theme cannot be perfect because the Ideal is only one extreme side of graduated scale of aesthetic absolute. In order to achieve the integrity, this extreme side, that is Ideal, should close up with the opposite extreme side on the scale- with the realities of day to day existence. The film is showing this alchemical process of “idealization of everyday life” ( and vice verse)-integration of two sources and appearance of other, “third meaning”.