Miden 2016 Screenings at Kalamata, Greece

Miden 2016 // Screenings at Kalamata!


The organizing team of Miden is ready once more to present a powerful program of contemporary video art from all over the world, on 7th and 8th of July





Being active for 12 years and always open to new ideas, this year Miden extends its curatorial team and its presentations and collaborations all around the world throughout the year. Nevertheless, Miden begins its presentations in Kalamata city and it will present the biggest part of 2016 selections there. Pointing out the different direction of Miden, this year’s program will take place  in gallery spaces and an open air cinema ( Municipal Gallery of Kalamata - A.Tassos, Kallitechniko Steki, Café-Cine), as well as social public spaces(Stoa Lontou, Baba Yaga) of the city .


In this 2day screening event, Miden's audience will have the chance to watch 124 video-works from 33 different countries from all around the globe. A press conference will be given a day before the event (Wednesday 6th of July, 11am) at REX Hotel, where the curatorial team will present this year’s program and future plans.


Some of the basic thematic axis of the program this year are: Exotizing, Home Sweet Home, Beckett me, Game Over, The story of…, In wonderland. Also Miden will present a tribute to Greek video art (Paradise Lost.STOP.), two selections for video dance & performance (Keep moving! and Choreographies Unconscious) and one for music & sound (E wide shut).


The screenings are realized with the support of the Municipality of Kalamata and Municipal Gallery of Kalamata - A.Tassos, in collaboration with Kalamata's Youth Center, Filmhouse-Kalamata's Film Club and Kallitechniko Steki.


Open/download the complete program of the event here