The art project realized in the frame of the land-art symposium titled “Art in Nurture” and organized by Center of Contemporary Culture “ARTS etc…”


Time: 2001


Place: surroundings of “Ganli-Gel”, Baku, Azerbaijan


Size: 7 × 4 × 2 m.


The whole conception of symposium has been consisting in transforming the most problematical place of Baku into the “Alive Space”…

Stream of Water, Air, Life and Light… White Light.  Stream, as a universal notion is a symbol of eternal movement, unshakable tendency, carrying from the top to the bottom, freeing all space.

It can be identified with the World Axis, penetrating all levels of universe and discovering the primemodial Unity of Being (according to the sufi tradition- Vahdat al Vudjud), comprehension of which by every man is an ultimate aim of Life.