Disappiaring corporality


Authors: Ilgar Tahiri Teymur Daimi,

Time: 1998


Bodyness is one of the basic conceptual notion of contemporary culture. Its actuality is conditioned by idea of preserving Life in its highest spiritual aspect. Revival of Bodyness can be appreciated as an ultra-aesthetic protest against sham values of modern technological civilization, methodically destroying all living manifestations of Spirit.     

Idea of the project –  to pay attention to Bodyness associating with such eternal phenomena’s of existing as illness, birth, dearth, fear, blood, shock, sex etc.

Project consists of 21 photos of human face, executed from extraordinary points of vision by method of “dissipation”. Aim of this method is to rub out the distinctions between different parts of body, because  all of them are manifestations of unite Bodyness, wich is as the same time metaphor of Life and Spirit…