2002-2005, 6 min. 13 sec., 4:3, VHS/DVD, color, sound




Conceived, directed and produced by T. Daimi


Camera: J. Javadov


Edited by F. Mammadov


Performer T. Daimi






Visual consept of the film







The main goal of the project “Geo-Creation”, which is at the same time artistic and metaphysical action is synchronization (harmonization) of geo (Earth) and anthropo (Man) principles. This action is aimed helping human being to be forming the “another”(different) ecological mentality/thinking, adapted up to the new conditions of existence. The basic conception of the project is the idea of the Earth as a Living Cosmic Being, not in metaphorical but excessively in right sense of this word.


Modern man hardly comprehends the Earth as a living being like himself. Of course, he is admired by various elements of planet: stones, plants, insects, animals, forests, mountains, clouds, seas etc. He even can consider all of them as manifestations of another consciousness and is ready to respect these forms. But to admit that the Earth is the united (one, single…) living organism is so much difficult for him because of ideology of anthropocentrism, which is rooted in his thinking and, in turns, courses too positivistic approach towards Nature. So, human being doesn’t appreciate Earth and staying in spiritual blindness breaks its holy lows. And so he has been often suffered by elemental disasters – floods, earthquake, global droughts and fires etc, - in turns, provoked by Earth. 


Now, in III millenium, the radical changing of attitude towards our Planet, in accordance of esoterical wisdom, is necessary.


Some of esoterical doctrines state that body of Earth consists of the same elements and materials that human body. It can breathe, move, think and feel. Earth also has well-developed blood and indigestion systems and even multiply system. The blood of Planet is oil and the food ate by it are minerals, plants and animals. From viewpoint of sex Earth is androgen, having both male and female hemispheres. It breathes by means of plants and accepts ethereal and magnetic food through special antennas, which are variety of homosapiens (human beings).


Like man Earth has energetical channels – so called chacras. Sacred places, scattered all over the world and going back to the very ancient times, can be identified as planet chacras. Axis, connected north and south poles is spinal pillar of planet.


The main “formula” of the project: geo-principle + anthropo-principle = NEW COSMIC BEENG.


P.S. Project consists of 3 parts:


  1. Artist performs any ritual actions, aim of that is getting profound mystical connection with Earth.
  2. Artist, like scientist-archaeologist, discovers sacred places of Planet and identified them as planet chacras (sacred places are shown in the form of small hand-made models of the four most popular sacred places in the world)


And at last, artist “turns into” Sufi mystic or Hindi Yogi, and sinking into meditation, tries to rich synchronization with Spirit of Planet…




Geo-Creation from Teymur Daimi on Vimeo.