Transcommunication: invasion of senses


2012, 20 min., 50 sec., 4:3, color, sound




Film written, directed, edited and produсed by Teymur Daimi


Composer: Elmir Mirzoev






This so called metafilm associated with trend of "expanded cinema" touches upon the important issues of globalization, transnational factors, conceptual power and the impact of mass media, as well as the issue of detachment as result of globalization. In the film "Hollywood movies" taglines (a variant of a branding slogan typically expressing the main message of the movie) appearing on the transforming background...


Quoting Gilles Deleuze, the viewer will see "concepts rather than percepts" of the movie, it`s pure meaning that is supposed to constitute the same way of thinking and behavioural model of acting all around the world.





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