Summary of dissertation work on


Dissertation was defined in 27-th June 2000 y. in the Institute of Philosophy and Low of Azerbaijan State Academy of Sciences. 


1.The dissertation consists of introductory part, two chapters, conclusion, and bibliography. 

2. The main goal of this research is analysis of the entire context of modern art and in particular of postmodernism. This research is based on analysis of patterns that characterize modern art. The thesis of the dissertation is following: the postmodernism phase of culture is the main stage of "modern times" and the culmination of crisis is situation of art. According to its own logic it develops itself up to its capacity and then destroys itself and by that leaves empty space for Traditional culture. In other words, postmodernism logically ends and the same time "denies" (of course on the mental and cultural level) an entire stage of modern history - the stage of classical rationality of New Time, which started from the era of Renaissance where bonds with traditional culture started to weaken and secular societies started to appear. In postmodernism main conceptual-strategic lines of New Time come to the logical end and completely work their resources out. 



Thus, there is an extreme need in studying and may by reestablishment of "original" traditions, which are the combination of some divine rules by which everything is operating, and these rules are decoded into people. This human nature rules the life of traditional cultures, nations and ethnic groups. But the return to traditions cannot be swift and must combine whole set of decisions that must be made. Thus, it is not about reconstruction of traditions in one particular sphere but about transformation of mental structure of modern consciousness to prepare it to for understanding of things. This dissertation refers to a new discipline in modern culture such as traditionalism. The dissertation particularly deals with the art traditions of modern art of Azerbaijan.