2003, 3`, VHS, tranferred in DVD, color, sound




Idea, director, camera, sound and producer: Teymur Daimi


Edited by: Iskender Utushev


Technical support: Studio "Bravo"





Film “Awakening” is dedicated to the most important idea of all world esoteric traditions (Sufism, Hinduism, and Zen-buddhizm) - idea of Awakening, Illumination... The basic element of film is the tortoise as symbol of living being in vast sense of this term. Sculptural image of tortoise is symbol of being locked in wheel of permanent Birth and Death, which is conceptually marked in Buddhism as “Sansara”. Until up to the very moment of awakening any living being is integrated into the endless stream of Birth and Death. And only by getting awakening one can break this depraved circle of “Sansara” and attains “Nirvana”, i.e. Spiritual Freedom.


Living tortoise symbolized awakened state of conciseness.




AWAKENING from Teymur Daimi on Vimeo.