The Temple`s Heart


2005, 29'15, 4:3, video (DV), color, sound




Scriptwriter: Teymur Daimi


Director: Teymur Daimi


Director of photography: Djavanshir Djavadov


Composer: Lala Djafarova


Installation: Rauf Akhmedov


Production designer : Teymur Daimi


Sound producer: Djavanshir Djavadov


Sound technician: Farkhad Namazov


Computer graphics: Aydyn Kalantarli


Actors: Zyumryud Gasymova, Elnur Ismailov


Producer: Fuad Mukhtarov


Studio: Caspian Supplies






The quest for a particular, personal path, one leading to the discovery of the mystery concealed in the primal, magical Temple – this Temple is, finally, the materialization in the physical world of another Spiritual Temple, to be found within each one of us. Thus the quest to understand the secrets of one of the earth’s most important sacred places becomes a process of self-knowledge, an act of understanding of our own secret inner world.


The exploration of any sacred place will involve the researcher turning back on his own self; it will highlight the importance of personal, inner experience, without which all acquired, external knowledge seems hollow and futile – because it has not been immersed in the ‘blood’ of the spiritual heart.



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