This is Love




2017, 31'00, 4:3, color, sound




Scriptdirector, camera, edition: Teymur Daimi


Art director: Samir Gafarov


Sound designer: Elchin Akhmadov


Proofreader of the english text: Sabina Stenhouse


Producers: Teymur Daimi, Samir Gafarov


Cast: Zemfira Taghiyeva, Rustam Taghitev, Teymur Daimi, Nuray Taghizadeh, Amin Taghizadeh


Rise Expanded Art Production 





Love and Death...

The film director, who was taking the movie of his mother’s last days of life, could not have presumed that those moments would have become the groundwork of the movie. He had been taking last days, hours, minutes of his precious mum…

She had lived long and happy life and had been feeling both sweet of achievements and bitterness of losses. Love had been steadily the only thing by her side. Love to Life in it's all manifestations. Love to children, to grandsons and above all- shared love with the man whom she had met when she was only 16 years old, and he 19...And they had lived together for 65 years. She has passed away and he is still here. But connection hasn't stopped. Where Love lives there are no Losses.