Art-project in progress:


Dear Colleague! 

I am glad and grateful so much that you've found time to open this envelope to be acquainted with its contents. The aim of this latter - to invite you to discuss some principle points. I am inviting you to open dialogue with regard to what we are dealing with, where we are going to, and why we need doing what we do in art sphere. I understand that you are very busy, but trust me, some things are worth being paid attention to.

First question I ask as simple as naive: Who are we? The supposed answer: we are artists belonging to what is marked as contemporary (actual) art. So we are inhabitants of territory of contemporary art. But second question is: are we inhabitants or prisoners?



To my mind we are definitely prisoners. We are locked in institutional frames of actual art and whatever we do seem to be done exclusively within these frames. But take notices, that besides territory of contemporary art there are mental territories of science, economic, policy and sport; at last the vast territory of everyday life. Modern world is separated and shattered. We all, being inhabitants of modern world belong to one of above-mentioned mental territories. In other words, we all are victims of concrete "professional" institution. Each of these territories/institutions has own language and rules (the word "language" is used exclusively in sense of mode of thinking/mentality). And in general, "professionals", living on one territory do not understand language of "professionals" from other territories… Thus, contemporary people speak different languages. Don't you think that such separating of territories brings disorder and chaos into human consciousness, making it schizophrenic?

Time to time, on the territory of contemporary art such kind of significant events like Documenta, Manifesta and Biennials Venice seems to be taken place. But aren't these significant forums just ordinary "meetings", merely being held on relatively higher level, no more? What kind of influence has contemporary art on social life? Does modern world needs art in general?

Isn't our "territory" the ordinary marginal zone, incapable to affect public conciseness, configuration of ideas, conceptual models and paradigms of modern life, as it must be according to primary mission of Art and intellectual messages of such spiritual genies as Leonardo Da Vinci, Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Beuys? Or may be I am too naive, because the fact that a lot of us ("actual" artists) feel excellently by staying on territory of actual art and don't care about "naive" questions above-mentioned?


I have just tried to define the contours of problem. I am not still ready to answer. Above all it is impossible. The only thing I am sure that there is necessity of principle break of institutional frames and interdisciplinary integration in which the creating of universal synthetic language (art + science, logic + intuition, theory + practice, man + woman, etc.) is definitely supposed. 


This latter (within frames of action in progress named "Emanation of Non-actual") has already sent (and is going to be sent afterwards) to many artists dealing with contemporary art all over the world. Questions and problems relating to contemporary art are inexhaustible. And so the conceptual dialogue is inexhaustible too…

Respectfully, Teymur Daimi